Top education without the bullshit

Top education institutions are not ranked by the quality of the curriculum but “prestige”. In other words, the ranking reduces to the network and financial muscle of previous graduates.

Here is how to quickstart a top education institution[1]:

  • Find a location. The building/campus needs to be located right on the limits of a big city, the more remote and far away from public transportation the better
  • Hire an attractive and charismatic Dean
  • Make sure to exclusively accept attractive students within the subjective limits of the law. Nobody should be over 25.
  • Have a very, very short curriculum to increase turnover
  • Promote life in campus - as in, turn a blind eye to the batshit crazy parties your students organize. Hype all kinds of negative press
  • Once your highly attractive students progress with their careers and start making top money your institution will appear on the rankings
  • Now you multiply tuition by a tenfold, and at the same time offer scholarships to shield yourself from lawsuits.
  • Multiply foreign nationals tuition by x2 for no good reason
  • After some time wealthy, powerful and influential people start to send their kids to your school. You are almost there.
  • Your institution soars in the rankings. It took a lot of wild parties, but here we are.
  • You should probably start caring about the quality of the instruction now.

[1] Pre-covid foolproof business plan