A different development freeze

I asked in mastodon what temperature developers like to set on their thermostats. The answers ranged from 16 to 24 grads celsius.

I agree. The lowest I can handle is a room temperature around 15-16 grads, wearing layers to minimize heat loss, with a sweat shirt, a thick wool layer and a classical h4X0r hoodie. Sometimes I wear a hat.

Lower than 15 grads it starts being painful because the hands are exposed and the fingers lose mobility. There is no point on using gloves. I cannot type anymore and I need to turn on the heating.

At the end of the day when the body signals it is time to go to bed it gets worse and then I need something to keep feet warm. At the moment I use a feet warmer but I plan to evolve the grandma’s sawing table into a programmers desk with an integrated Brasero.