Fiction read in 2020

Non-technical books read in 2020:

  • “Beggars in Spain” in German
  • “Bobiverse II” in German. Terrific series, I’m hooked.
  • “Sleep” (Nick Littlehales) in English. How to make Siestas palatable to Americans: Call them CRP “Controlled Recovery Period”
  • “Bobiverse III” in German. There is a fourth book but I’m stopping here, I had enough bobiverse for now.
  • “Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams” in English. After reading this book you will have the feeling sleeping 8 hours a day is the best thing you can do for your performance and health.
  • “The End is Always Near” in English. If you like Dan Carlin podcast, this is exactly the same but on written form.
  • “Make your bed” in English. This is very short and to the point.
  • “Mission In a Bottle” in English. This is a fun, simple and straightforward business book. The content is “Honest”, and there is no repetition of content like many other business books. The delivery is terrific because the layout is a graphic novel. Totally recommendable.
  • “Dune” in German. I want to read the first three books, this was quite hard to read in German for me.
  • “Animal Farm” in German.