Yearly goals 2021

This is the first time I want to make public my yearly goals to see if it helps motivation.

Why? It is easy to set goals but quickly forget about them. By publishing them I expect some kind of imaginary social pressure that pushes me to accomplish them or at least do something to move on that direction.

  • Better Deutsch - B2 exam late march/april, C1 Exam october/november

  • Sport: Keep up with minimal fit level - Run and Swim. 10km race spring, 10km race Autumn

I did an export from my activity on google fit and then I did a pivot table on the aggregated data csv to get the distance done on days where duration run was not zero. This is not exact because it also measures distance walked on those days as if I run it, but the amount walked should be minimal. The data says I run 398km since 01.06.2020 (The first part of the year is not there, I guess I was not doing a sync with google fit).

Double that it will be around 798km for 2021. I will aim for a ~10% improvement on it: 880km run for 2021. Breaked on months that’s ~73km per month. It seems doable, we will see.